About Hands of Eir

Founded by Scott Ernest and Viktoria Drennen in 2020, Hands of Eir aims to achieve what it calls the “twofold goal.” The first part is outreach for former extremists, helping people who have left extremism reintegrate back into society. The second is by addressing what they believe is an overlooked aspect of extremism. Those at Hands of Eir believe this is a public health crisis, and that by addressing the conditions that leave people vulnerable to radicalization, we can address issues before they become violent tragedies.

The Hands of Eir team works tirelessly to bring together communities to build a better future and offer a healing hand to those harmed by hate. Healing starts with reaching out to those who understand. As a nonprofit built by individuals with experience with the violence and destruction caused by hate, we can offer you, or those you know, a start in the direction of recovery.

Who is Hands of Eir?

Danny Carroll

Founder, Board Member

Scott Ernest

Founder, Board Member

VIktoria Drennen

Founder, Board Member,
Executive Director (they/them)