Moving forward

Starts With You

Creating a Better Future

Hands of Eir is a Non-Profit for those leaving extremist movements and help form proactive approaches to the radicalization process. It is never easy to change, but when there is a helping hand, and a strong shoulder to lean on, the change will be that much swifter. By offering resources for those people who have left the extremism, and find themselves standing alone and without. To offer a healing hand, to those harmed by hate.

Resources We Offer

  • We offer to those who have disengaged from extremism many resources from financial to community. Knowing you are not alone and easing the struggle of change is key to progress.

  • Extremism is a public health crisis before it is a security or defense threat. We want to push a change towards this reality. We work with professionals of many fields to collect data, study the experiences of formers, and assist in understanding extremism.

  • Partnership with strong organization appealing to positive change in related fields to extremism and cults.

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